Allison’s Adventure: Week 8

After the rough week we had last week, it was so great to have a good one! Allison gained great weight, and we got normal results back on all the testing they did. They will be running a few more tests in the upcoming weeks, but it’s looking like things are back on the upswing.

Allison did have a few scary choking spells this week, but hopefully her GI will get things figured out with the upcoming testing. Her sleep pattern has stayed the same and it is working well for us. Allison had a really fun photo session from Inspiration Through Art, thanks to the tag from It’s A Preemie Thing Facebook.

She has been happier during the day and I have been getting her to nap better, though we are still working on getting a good steady schedule like we have made for nights. Her OT saw her this week too and says she sees great improvements since her last visit.
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